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"The conviviality and charm that are palpable in these 12 tunes sound like the product of two people working closely and side-by-side. But, then again, the natural pairing of Austin and Otten is an indication that distance is just a number, one that can't hold back real musical camaraderie. Big Little Lions' A Little Frayed, A Little Torn is a jubilant collection of folk-pop songcraft."

Mariposa Folk Festival

"The music of Big Little Lions — the duo of Helen Austin and Paul Otten – is a blissful marriage of new folk and sophisticated pop. The award-winning songwriters have voices that blend like magic and whenever they make music together it's the cue for a heady mixture of soul, spirit and fun."

Ear To The Ground

"Let's not mince words, shall we? I love this album. It's robust and beautiful in so many ways, I sort of struggle to even comprehend it."


"It's the cohesiveness, too, of Frayed that buoys the album as one of the finest and most organic releases of 2015."

Elmore Magazine

"They Know My Name ably exemplifies Big Little Lions' style, songs that, though often short in length, burst and swell in a flutter of breeze and cheer with memorable lyrics, shouting and hand clapping to go with hummable tunes that won't soon escape your head. The song's beautiful, tight harmonies showcase the cohesiveness of Austin and Otten's voices, proving that, like the seeming contradiction of their band's name, these songs that may appear small or silly at the offset burn a big, lasting imprint into the listener."


"The songs are jam-packed with emotion, partially due to the stripped-down production, partially due to the excellent lyrics, and mostly due to the indescribably affecting way that Helen Austin and Paul Otten harmonize and interact with each other on each song. Their voices are constant companions; instead of trading off and showcasing one voice at a time, as most bands do outside of choruses, Austin and Otten have chosen to sing each lyric together. To match the nuances of each other's voices perfectly on every line is a nearly impossible task, but Austin and Otten have clearly established a rapport with one another that leads to a closeness in their music unlike any act currently around."

Guitar World

"The Way Home is one of those songs that you'll think you've heard before the first time you hear it. It's just so infectious that it sinks into your consciousness from the first listen."

The Examiner

"The duo's sound mixes the new school folk of Mumford and Sons with a dance rhythm that keeps the music sounding light and upbeat. It also doesn't hurt that their songs are very catchy and aided by how well Austin and Otten's voices complement each other."


"That heartbeat is loud and clear on "Make It Up As We Go Along," the jubilant new track we're thrilled to premiere today. With cheerful claps and harmonies that make it impossible not to smile, Austin and Otten have crafted a truly celebratory moment."


"Austin and Otten's ferocioius energy is something not many pop stars possess. If we had it our way, Big Little Lions would be 2014′s breakout."

Unsigned & Unleashed

"Their upcoming release Paper Cage is a prominent example of the power music has. The result is a collection of songs that radiate joy and sound like two people that were destined to make music together wrote them."

Rockstars Glued

"Their music makes me feel like running through a field of wild flowers with my arms stretched out like an airplane, dipping and dodging butterflies while chasing wild rabbits. Yes, it brings out the whimsical little kid inside. It reminds me of a simpler, happier time and instantly transports me there."

Emo at Heart

"If you like Chairlift, She and Him, or The Lumineers you will love Paper Cage. It's perfectly sweet and on trend, and considering that most of the tracks were born over email, it's proof that musical chemistry can occur despite distance. "


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