NEWS 2015

Canadian Folk Music Award - Ensemble of the Year 

The Little Lion just got back from Edmonton after winning Ensemble of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. The Big Lion was unable to be there so we have photoshopped him into the official photo... there wasn't quite enough room for him.

Folk Music Ontario 

We had a blast playing a whole bunch of showcases at FMO and have some exciting new adventures on the horizon as a result!

CBC Vinyl Cafe 

Our tune "The Way Home" was featured on CBC's The Vinyl Cafe

CBC Cross Canada Playlist 

Our band was chosen for the CBC Cross-Canada playlist: 64 bands you need to add to your road-trip soundtrack. Check out the playlist here.

Album Review 

We have a great new album review from Babetalk. Click here for more. 

"The songs are jam-packed with emotion, partially due to the stripped-down production, partially due to the excellent lyrics, and mostly due to the indescribably affecting way that Helen Austin and Paul Otten harmonize and interact with each other on each song. Their voices are constant companions; instead of trading off and showcasing one voice at a time, as most bands do outside of choruses, Austin and Otten have chosen to sing each lyric together. To match the nuances of each other's voices perfectly on every line is a nearly impossible task, but Austin and Otten have clearly established a rapport with one another that leads to a closeness in their music unlike any act currently around."

CBC Radio 2 Official Top 20 

We have been on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 chart for 8 weeks so far and are still there!

Unsigned Only Competition 

We are both a finalist in the Unsigned Only contest but also to come 1st in the 'Win Some Love" promotion.


Our first full length album is out now an available to buy at iTunes and all other online stores.

Fire Me Up on NBC's The Night Shift 

Fire Me Up was featured in episode 12 of NBC's popular TV show The Night Shift.

A Little Frayed, A Little Torn FULL stream 

Our new album is now available to preview on iTunes and you can listen to the premiere of the full stream at


We had a blast playing a whole bunch of gigs during SXSW... including The Quantum Collective at Wholefoods and Handlebar for the International Songwriting Competition.

A first listen to one of the songs from our NEW album and a wonderful reviewreview too!


In January we were invited to play at The NAMM Show as part of the John Lennon Song Contest Award, spent some time with some amazing kids at an Anaheim elementary school, who sang with us while we opened for Goerge Clinton. Here are some pics of our time there!