1. We Can Do

From the recording Paper Cage

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leave this gate open wide (you just have to ask me)
keep my note by your sideĀ (you just have to ask me)
we can meet anytime, anywhere
just say you will be there

the map that leads to your door (i'll be there to meet you)
through mountains, forests and stormsĀ (i'll be there to meet you)
i'll be wearing a rose in my hair
and you'll be waiting there

so everything i ever say (all the things i wanna say to you)
and everything i ever want (all the things waiting for you)
everything is anything at all
all the little things we never knew
we can do

we will cover our tracks (no one knows about us)
there is no turning back (i'm so glad we found us)
we can live in a box or a tree
as long as there's you and me


after the sun goes out (i'll light the moon for you)
we are leaving this town (you always knew i'd find you)
i've got everything i'll ever need
as long as you're here with me