1. Distant Air

From the recording Distant Air

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Distant Air

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Follow, all the words I’ve swallowed
In to the backrooms, with locks and shackles
Leave it to forget
Buried in the back
Never paid the rent

Settled, with dusty armour
No sign of life here
A sea unchartered
Left unaware
Like distant air
It whispers again

But the falling dark
Can’t hide the scent
Or the screaming voice in the distant air
And the firing squad
Is aimed to kill
When the distant air whispers my guilt

Somewhere, the gun has fired
And I’m running faster
Though my will is tired
They’ll throw out the net
No second chance
No going back

Static, spreading like infection here
The hunters, tracking down the scent of fear
Is this
Is this the end
It’s slipping from my grasp