1. Sweep It Away

From the recording Just Keep Moving

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I’ve had my fair share of nightmares and fairytales
I know the ups and the downs
Now the details are vague
They fade away

You have your baggage, I’ll help you unload to
We’ll put down roots as we get off this road and stay
I’ll lead you astray

Unpack this past
clean up the mess
say you won’t ask
we’re gonna sweep it away

we make no promises no piece of paper
stay while it works and then sooner or later
We’ll see ….

and on the days when life comes back to haunt us
I’ll make a deal if you say that you’ll talk me down
I’ll stick around


and we’re getting rid, getting rid of waste
yes we’re letting go, letting go of
all that weighs us down

The drawers are all full and the cases are stowed now
Aired out our laundry and we can accept the flaws
and I’m all yours