From the recording Everybody Deserves A Smile

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All proceeds go to EDAS - Everybody Deserves A Smile - Good People Helping Good People.


There are two paths on the street that we walk upon
Sometimes it’s hard to see the other side
If we turn our head with kindness and love we will know
we will know

that Loneliness, despair can make us powerless
If we have enough we need to share
Take a moment to let someone know
that you care
you care

Everybody is somebody
Everyone deserves a little time
Everybody is somebody
Everybody deserves a smile

If we want to call ourselves a community
Where all matter, no matter where we’re born
We can can’t turn our backs on those with troubled lives
They belong
We all belong


So let’s fill the bags with little things of comfort
And put inside an extra bit of love
From our hearts to yours
We hope that you know
You’re not alone
You’re not alone


Everybody deserves a smile