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Here We Go Again

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I’m familiar with the story
I know how it ends
But I pick up the cards, call a bluff
And deal a round again

Maybe this time is the hand I
get what I need
Or I’ll fold again but either way
You will remember me

And I shout out to the world
Here we go again
Here we go again
Here we go again

I got time and I’m tenacious
gonna get it right
I’m not letting go no matter how
hard I find the fight
Taking one foot then the other
Leave the rest behind
I’m not giving up not giving in
Though I look like I might


Little by little, bit by bit
It’s how you eat an elephant
I might need to rest but I won’t quit
Building my pyramid

Can’t remember how this started
already turned the page
They can’t keep me down, cannot hold me back
From the momentum I’ve gained
Oh the momentum I’ve gained