1. Stay In

From the recording Inside Voice

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Stay In

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Making up excuses again
It’s not that I don’t wanna be a friend
It’s the little voices that say
You don’t need to leave the house today
So I try / I argue
I try / to follow through
They pin me to the floor
I know it’s not right
That I stay home every night
Looking at the door

Stay stay in
I’m happy alone
Here on my own
Stay stay in
Another night home
Forgive me but I’d just rather stay in

When I get a telephone call
I wait til it stops while I stare at the wall
Far too many people out there
Awkward at a party is my nightmare
I try / be normal
I try / stay calm
I try to play along
But can I just go home


I know I’m supposed to talk

But it don’t come easy
I’ll just fall apart
And say the wrong thing

Making up excuses again
I know that I’ll see you but I don’t know when
Please don’t worry I am still alive
I just need the silence