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Where Are You Now

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Oh dear boy, where are you now
All of your time, all your days
When did your mind slip away

Where do you go when the lights are out
Did all your past disintegrate
Has all of that life faded away now

Life carries on with you or without
Your stories become just strangers in a crowd

Oh dear boy, you played by the rules
Worked all your life, bothered no one
Found a good wife, made a good home

Oblivion would medicate you
From all the words you didn’t want
Turned a blind eye and just carried on and...

On, is this how it goes
Building it stone by stone
Hoping it won’t come crashing
Down, and swallow you whole
All of the joy, all of the tears
All just a story falling on deaf ears

Where did you go dear boy
We all wanna know
Where are you now
Where are you now