1. Get There

From the recording Inside Voice

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Get There

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I wanted to be home before I’d even left
But I knew I had to go and get my feet wet as so
I packed my bags
Make it on my own getting lost in the city
Getting caught up in my own self pity oh
was it so bad, it felt pretty bad

Oh Tell me when we get there

Couple years in and nothings really sticking
I can’t relax and I can’t stop picking all
of these dirty scabs
Got a love who loves ma and that should be home
I could be happy but I know that I won’t cause I wanna pack my bags, please help me pack my bags


One foot in the future, the other in the past tolerating the present hoping in goes fast
my body and want need to be together at last

Made a decision cause life is too short We all need security we all need support


Are we there yet
Tell me when we get there