1. Old Armchairs

From the recording Inside Voice

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Old Armchairs

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A couple of old armchairs is all we really need
Maybe a blanket or two to wrap around our knees to keep us warm and dry
Just you and I
Against the world
Against the Tide

A couple of coffee cups left on the sink to dry Or closing the door to find a roaring fire
A place that we call home
We call our own
Keeps in the love
Keeps out the cold in our

Home, home, home
We are home

A place to dance where no one sees us fall
Where we can let go of all our deepest flaws
Our faults our scars laid bare
Where no one’s scared
Where we can climb a few more stairs to our

Wouldn’t be a home with you
Wouldn’t be a home with you
Wouldn’t be a home with me too

A couple of old armchairs that need a little love
A couple of people that we take care of the stuff that we call