1. Lonely Blue

From the recording Inside Voice

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Lonely Blue

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Lonely blue
Did you think this would be you
Do you know what day it was
When you finally lost your touch

Slipped away
Time has made a great escape
You used to know what laughter was
Now just another memory lost
Lonely blue

A shame it is
No one to save you
You’ve loved and lived
Has it all just gone oh

Lonely blue
Painful are the words “used to”
Every face a stranger now
Ever since the lights went out
On Lonely blue

P: Nobody said
H: Nobody told you
P: When life began
H: Nobody told you
P: You give and give
H: But now it

Both: All fades into black


Lonely blue
Oh life it can be so cruel
It’s left you here all alone
A stranger inside your home

Oh lonely blue
The sun is setting on you
You lived and you loved
But was it enough
One thing I know
I’ll always remember you
Oh lonely blue
Oh lonely blue
Oh lonely blue