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From the recording Inside Voice

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Let me tell you a tale
that’s too good to be true
you don’t want to hear what I already told you
keep it light so you laugh
put those rose glasses on
Make you feel better so I still belong

Told you all of my stories
but you criticize, you criticize
Showed you all of my my pain
But you minimize, you minimize
Don’t minimize me

While I try to resist
You keep pushing me down
You’re more at ease with the face of a clown
When you don’t believe
what choice do I have
Oh please stop saying it wasn’t that bad


I don’t need nobody like you no, no
Pushing me down
If you got nothing good to say no, no
Won’t you get out
Got to get away, got to get away
But I just don’t know how
No I just don’t know how

So I’ll tell you a tale
And now it’s up to you
you don’t want to hear what I already told you