1. Turn It Off

From the recording Turn It Off

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Turn It Off

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head under water trying to slow it all down
can’t decide if it’s wise to breathe or to drown
dull it all while still making plans to escape
falling victim fall into taking a break

Turn it off
(I’m overloading all day all day)
And walk just walk away
Turn it off
(It’s time to put on the brakes, the brakes)
there’s nothing more to say

fighting off the fear I might be missing out
staying here only driving me underground
sanity is a casualty of this war
Don’t know if mine can bear to take anymore


these white knuckles need blood
these thoughts need to unplug

always something new out there drawing me in
so long I really don’t know where to begin
lying to myself saying I’m in control
but who is really and will we ever know

will we ever know


Am I in control
Am I in control
(I can’t say, I can’t say)